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Our app allows you to control lighting remotely

Remotely turn on/off

You can remotely turn on/off lighting over pool tables or other equipment.

Control over costs

With us, you will increase control over costs and the work of your employees.

Automatically turn off

Lights can automatically turn off when a customer’s reservation time is up.

Lamp Light
Lamp Light


No need to implement expensive traditional solutions

Electricity savings

Greater convenience for your employees

No need for a major rewiring of the electrical system

Your customers know when they are running out of game time

Integration with out of the box booking calendar

Implementation of a Lighting Control System in the largest billiard club in Europe


The club needed help managing table lighting. Prior to the implementation of our solutions, the club's employees had to walk to the appropriate place in the club to turn on the lights in the area designated for play.

They also went there again when the group finished playing. This took a lot of time and generated unnecessary electricity waste.


'Strefa' Club employees - in addition to being able to manage bookings from the BookGame app, they also have the ability to remotely control the lighting of the pool tables.

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The system allows them to:

Remotely turn on the light over a specific game table - a way to indicate to the customer which game space they have been assigned;

Remotely turn off the light - for example, when the customer has run out of the allotted playing time.

Implemented solution has saved staff time, as well as optimized costs of electricity consumption at the premises. This is especially important in the context of high electricity price increases in recent years.

Read the full success story of our implementation at klub 'Strefa'