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Strefa Club - BookGame implementation at Europe's largest billiards club

Strefa Club - BookGame

Strefa Club in Łódź is a unique place on the Polish and European billiards map. It is the largest of its kind on our continent. Up to 60 pool tables await guests here! These include both regular pool tables and snooker tables.


Guests can also play darts, table tennis and table football, and there is an excellent drinks bar.Such a large venue could only do with a sound game booking system. Our team faced a significant challenge. In addition to BookGame, we also implemented a lighting control system over the pool tables here.


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What challenges did BookGame face at Strefa Club?

Sixty pool tables – that’s an intimidating number to start with. It doesn’t take much imagination to realise that manually taking bookings at such a venue could cause unnecessary chaos. Strefa Club’s management was looking forward to a solution that would help eliminate the problems:


  • endless phone calls with bookings - this was a hassle, especially at weekends when the Strefa’s occupancy is high. It was difficult for customers to even contact the club on a Saturday or Sunday, and staff wasted a considerable amount of time on this form of service;
  • confusion with bookings - a particular challenge was ‘bundled’ bookings for larger groups, i.e. bookings that included a pool table and a larger booth to go with it;
  • tedious adding and editing of bookings - employees did not have a system to deal with this with a few clicks.


In addition, the club needed help managing the lighting of the tables. Before implementing our solutions, a staff member had to go to the appropriate place in the club to switch on the lights in the area designated for play. He would also go there again when the group had finished playing. This took a lot of time and caused unnecessary waste of electricity.

BookGame at the Strefa Club - the convenience of taking bookings and more

The BookGame team has prepared software solutions that offer all the functionality the Strefa Club requires. BookGame booking system - tailor-made for the needs of Strefa Club

BookGame is used by both customers of the Strefa Club and its employees. Implemented system:

  • is available on a dedicated page on the BookGame system (the customer is directed there from the Strefa website and also from the Club’s social media);
  • allows online payment - the client knows the price in advance, so they can select services to suit their ability;
  • allows the booking of pool and snooker tables, as well as dart and ping-pong tables.
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With Strefa Club in mind, we have introduced an additional feature; when a customer makes an online booking, they can select a specific table with a box for a particular ‘capacity’. This ensures that the group with whom they turn up at the Strefa Club can sit comfortably in the designated seat. 

Lighting control system for pool tables

Strefa Club staff - as well as being able to manage bookings from the BookGame app, they can also control the lighting of the pool tables remotely. The system allows them to:


  1. remotely switch on the light over a specific gaming table - a way of indicating to the customer which pool table is reserved for them;
  2. remotely switch off the lights - e.g. when the customer has run out of time.


The solution implemented has saved staff time and optimised electricity costs at the premises. This is particularly important given the significant increases in electricity prices in recent years.


BookGame in the Strefa Club - convenience for customers and employees

Strefa Club’s management is seeing concrete and tangible results from implementing our booking in the day-to-day work of the venue. Here are the key benefits.


Easier handling of bookings for the team

Employees don’t have to constantly answer phone calls asking them to book a table. It is also easier for them to manually add and edit bookings - they have clear information about which playing spaces are free and which are occupied.
This has translated into fewer mistakes when handling bookings.

Greater convenience for the customer

Guests have grown fond of booking their own game tables with BookGame. They appreciate booking billiards or darts without having to call the club - at any time.


Greater control over club occupancy

Management can see in real-time how much interest there is in the Club’s offerings on specific days and times. This makes it easier to, e.g. plan staff schedules and manage other resources at the venue.


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BookGame has made it much easier to manage bookings.

The transparent and multifunctional system makes life easier for our team and customers. We can also see the translation of its use into billiards tables revenue. Implementing this application was a good decision.

Manager, Strefa Club

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