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Redzikowo Water Park - optimised management and a better experience for customers

Redzikowo - BookGame

The Water Park in Redzikowo near Słupsk is one of the biggest attractions of the entire region. The facility is a place for active recreation for the whole family.


In addition to several swimming pools, a sauna, a cryotherapy chamber, a playroom for children, and a crazy carts track, there is also a bowling alley. It is a popular meeting place. There are four professional lanes at guests' disposal. Up to six players can use each at the same time.The high interest in bowling at the Redzikowo Water Park has led to the facility implementing the BookGame booking system.



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BookGame at Redzikowo Water Park - what challenges was our system meant to address?

A booking system was needed at the Redzikowo Water Park to manage the booking of bowling lanes. Before its implementation, the club's team and management struggled with several challenges. These mainly concerned:


  • difficulty in controlling the occupancy of the bowling alley - it was difficult for the management to accurately determine both the current level of 'occupancy' of the lanes as well as to forecast profits in the following weeks;
  • attracting new customers - many were discouraged by the inability to book lanes online and therefore chose competing facilities;
  • limited ability to understand customer bowling behaviour - as a result, it was difficult, for example, to personalise the offer or make relevant changes to it.


These problems were addressed by implementing the BookGame system.


What did we do?


The bowling alley at the Redzikowo Water Park was included in the BookGame booking system. Customers now benefit from the ability to book a lane online, directly from the water park website.


The system allows them to indicate:

  1. the time and day of the game - in case all the lanes are occupied at the selected time, the application shows the closest available dates;
  2. the planned playing time (min. 1 h, billing every 30 min);
  3. the number of lanes - this is important when booking a play space;
  4. the number of participants in the game - this allows the system to charge the shoe rental fee right away.


Customers make a secure online payment for the game. On the other hand, the team and management can manage bookings - including adding them, e.g. when a customer books a lane in person



BookGame in Redzikowo Water Park - benefits for customers and management

The team at Redzikowo Water Park confirms that implementing online bowling bookings using BookGame has translated into several benefits.


Increased competitiveness of the bowling alley

The booking system has attracted many new customers. Thanks to the BookGame app, this element of the Water Park offer has become more competitive and is enjoying a higher level of interest.


Easy access to reservations from anywhere

Management of the club has access to the bowling lane booking panel, also outside the club. The system works online - simply log in with any device with an internet connection. This is a great convenience for management.


A better understanding of customer needs and consumer behaviour

The statistics available in BookGame allow you to get to know your bowling customers better - to determine how many times each of them has used the lanes and how much they spent during their visit. This allows you to personalise your offer and generate more profit.


Fast booking = higher levels of customer satisfaction

Customers of the Redzikowo Water Park praise the possibility of booking games online. This saves them time and allows them to go through the whole process themselves - regardless of the day or time. This translates into increased interest in booking bowling lanes at the facility.


Better control of bowling alley occupancy - current and future

The data from BookGame, which is available to the team in a transparent form, allows more effective management of, for example, the number of staff required to operate the bowling alley at specific times. Management can also react quickly when there is high occupancy - e.g. by sending more people to work on the lanes - and plan team member shifts more effectively.



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The BookGame booking system has improved the bowling booking service at our facility.

Thanks to it, we have improved the quality of customer service and, above all, we can plan our work better, according to occupancy. It also allows us to tailor our offer even better and improve our competitiveness. It is a recommendable solution with great potential.

Manager, Redzikowo Water Park

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