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Porter Club - no more last-minute cancellations

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Porter Club is a cult venue for billiards fans in and around Czestochowa. The local is the largest in the region and offers the most professional playing conditions


Guests here enjoy as many as 10 pool billiard tables and a 12-foot snooker table. Numerous billiard tournaments are organised at Porter - including the Eliminations of the Polish Amateur Championships.
In addition to billiards, darts, board games, and table football await Porter Club guests. It goes hand in hand with an extensive menu of great drinks, pizzas and unusual snacks.
For this reason, the club is constantly popular and, as a result, visits to the club and pool games are subject to reservation.
To help the Porter Club team deal with the challenges in this area, we implemented the BookGame app.


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Cancellations, cash settlements... challenges for the BookGame team at Porter Club

The biggest challenges the Porter Club faced were:


  • the frequent 'last minute' cancellation of table bookings by customers - which translated into lost profit potential;
  • problems with billing for table bookings - the venue often had cash shorts, resulting in the need to reduce staff contact with cash;
  • a high number of phone calls requesting table bookings - as a result, it was difficult for staff to concentrate on other duties.


Implementing the BookGame app proved to be the solution to help deal with them.


What did we do?


We tailored the BookGame booking system to the specific operation of the Porter Club. As a result, guests gained the ability to:


  1. book game tables, as well as tables (from 4 to 30 people) and a dart board;
  2. choose their booking times;
  3. specify where they will spend their time - the system allows them to select the room, as well as the number of the table or game table; everything has been clearly described in a graphic diagram so that customers have no doubts.


Booking is made via the venue's website - from there, customers are redirected to BookGame.
What is essential is that the system allows for online payment. Thus, the booking is paid in advance conveniently and safely, without the need to hand over cash.


BookGame = more secure billiards revenue for Porter Club and more efficient payment processing

The BookGame system has made it easier for the Porter club in Czestochowa to manage bookings - both gaming and pub tables. This has translated into significant benefits for the pub.


Fewer booking calls

The online booking of gaming tables and tables has made the Porter Club team's job easier. Previously, staff were constantly receiving phone calls asking about billiards. With the vast majority of customers now using the online system, bartenders have been relieved of the burden and can perform their day-to-day duties better.


Greater security for taking bookings thanks to online payment

The system allows payment for the game to be settled online. This provides greater security for the club, ensuring that the booking is processed. It also benefits the customer, who is guaranteed the availability of playing space and does not have to stress about paying on the spot.

Increased booking comfort for customers

Guests of the venue can make a booking at any time of the day. They are not limited by the club's operating hours or that Porter's phone number is busy. The booking system is simple and intuitive and reminds them of their game plans - via SMS.


Reduction in last-minute cancellations

Customers who book tables receive an SMS notification of their booking. This ensures that they do not forget their plans for the afternoon and evening, and the club does not face the problem of lost profit.


Better control of game profits

Reducing cash payments for playing on the bar has reduced the problem of shortages at the cash register. In addition, with less contact with money, the team works more smoothly and does not have to worry about accidental billing mistakes.

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BookGame has benefited the club, its team and, above all, its customers.

The app has made it possible to streamline bookings and has ensured that guests turn up on time and that we do not lose out on profits. Today, it would be hard to imagine working without this booking system.

Mariusz Chmielarz, Manager Porter Club

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