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Lucky Star is a popular Toruń club that offers guests a range of interesting entertainment options.


In addition to phenomenal parties with music from top DJs and a great bar offer, the customers are attracted to the extensive range of games. Up to 12 professional bowling lanes and six pool tables await at the premises. This part of the offer attracts crowds of visitors, and the club is "bursting at the seams" - especially over the weekends. Therefore, the standard acceptance of reservations for bowling, billiards and tables was no longer sufficient. All the challenges in this aspect were addressed by the BookGame app.



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What did the Lucky Star club from the booking system?

With 6 pool tables and 12 bowling alleys, it was difficult to keep bookings organized without an integrated system. This generated a lot of problems that affected both the image of the premises, its financial results and the organisation of work. The most important were:


  • for customers - difficulty calling the premises to make a booking; the greatest occurred during the weekends;
  • for the staff - mistakes when taking bookings and the huge amount of time that had to be spent for phone services for the guests;
  • for management - lost potential profits from bowling and billiards, e.g. through last-minute cancellations or changes, and “empty breaks” between subsequent customers using the lanes and tables.


These are the problems that were solved after implementing the Bookgame application.

What has the implementation of BookGame looked like at Lucky Star?

BookGame's collaboration with Lucky Star has produced a bespoke booking system for the venue. We have ensured that it solves all the problems described above and allows the club to optimise expenditure and increase profits.

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What did we do?

Lucky Star uses the BookGame system to take bookings for:

  1. bowling lanes,
  2. billiard tables,
  3. tables - both in the bowling and billiards areas as well as the dance and bar areas.


Customers can make a booking very easily - over the phone or through a computer. A link to the booking application that opens in the web browser can be found on the club's website.

In the system, visitors can select:

  • booking time;
  • a particular table or game lane;
  • the location of the table and the number of people for whom the reservation is made.


They also gain a quick and convenient overview of the availability of pool tables and lanes at specific times. The system also set a requirement to start and end the booking at top of the hour.
The app also allows the payment to be settled online, and the customer - once the payment has been made - receives a text message confirmation.



BookGame at Lucky Star = significantly more efficient booking management

BookGame - as the booking system at LuckyStar - is up to the task. Here are the key benefits that the Toruń club has achieved.


Complete comfort for employees in handling reservations

The Lucky Star team no longer faces a high error risk when taking bookings. Employees have more time to serve guests on an ongoing basis and don't have to work with a lot of cash. This also facilitates accountability.


Greater booking convenience for customers

Guests no longer complain about problems calling the club for bookings. Now they can do it themselves - from anywhere and at any time they choose. They also have the option to pay for services online.


Fewer booking cancellations and "empty run" issues

BookGame provides management with the ability to monitor the occupancy rate of the premises in real time and to make informed decisions, e.g. on the number of staff per shift. In addition, problems with last-minute cancellations or situations when the client reduces the number of ordered tables or game hours have ended. The customer now pays in advance, which represents a greater commitment.

The possibility of booking a game only on the full hour eliminated the "idleness" of tables and tracks, e.g. in 15- or 30-minute breaks between successive customer visits.

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BookGame has given us a sense of control over bookings and allows us to exploit the full potential of our gaming tables and game lanes.

This solution is also praised by customers and employees who are no longer forced to answer the phone all the time. It is a system through which we have gained image-wise, finance-wise and organisation-wise. I recommend it!

Patryk Wyrwa, Manager Lucky Star Club

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