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Kielce Billiards Centre- an online booking system tailored to the needs of a professional club

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The Kielce Billiard Centre has been operating since 2006. This is the largest venue of its kind in Kielce, associating Polish, European and World Champions. Its biggest attraction are, of course, the professional pool tables - the club offers seven of them.


In addition, the facility has arcade games (darts, table football) and 2 screens for watching sports games. This is complemented by a well-equipped bar and a summer garden.Due to the great interest in billiards at the Centre, it was difficult for the venue staff to take bookings manually. Therefore, the club decided to implement BookGame.


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Challenges of the Kielce Billiard Centre - what was expected from BookGame?

The greatest challenges of the Kielce club were:


  • unfulfilled bookings - customers were cancelling at the last minute or simply didn't show up;.
  • lack of control over bookings - it was difficult, for example, to determine precisely when the club had the highest occupancy. As a result, the management did not have full data to make the right organisational and business decisions;
  • limited accessibility to the booking system for customers - they could only sign up to play during the venue's opening hours.


Therefore, the BookGame team focused,

upon the implementation of the app at the Kielce Billiard Centre, on:


  • making it easier for customers to make a billiards booking;
  • "sealing" the booking system - so as to reduce problems with unreliable customers;
  • providing a clear and intuitive tool - one that is easy to use for the club's team as well as its customers.
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BookGame = billiard bookings under full control


The system currently used by the Kielce Billiard Centre is the answer to all previous challenges. 


What did we do?


We have launched an easy-to-use billiard table booking system. It is accessible via a web browser. It can be used both on a computer and a mobile phone. The club links to the BookGame app on its social media, among others. The system allows the client to:


  1. selecting the play table;
  2. determination of the playing time (min. 60 minutes, thereafter billing every 30 minutes);
  3. quickly finding a free table on the day needed;
  4. online payment for the game - as part of a secure online payment system.


Club employees and management can track reservations on an ongoing basis, edit them (e.g. add new ones when the client reports via another channel), and manage the premises' operation according to occupancy.



Implementation of BookGame app = improved booking experience

The introduction of the BookGame system has been well received by both the venue's customers and its team. Here are the main results that this step has brought.


Better control of the club occupancy

The Kielce Billiard Centre team can track the interest in reservations for individual days on an ongoing basis, as well as analyze historical data. This greatly facilitates the planning of work - so as to ensure adequate resources for the time of higher attendance in the premises.


Automatic feedback from customers after a visit

BookGame also helps to collect feedback from customers. Everyone is asked to complete a short questionnaire at the end of the visit. The data obtained in this way allows to better adjust the club's offer to meet the expectations of guests even more.

Higher levels of guest satisfaction

Customers like to use the online booking system because it is available at any time and allows them to book a game within a few minutes. Guests also receive text message notifications of upcoming bookings. As a result, they don't forget their club visit and the venue doesn't lose revenue.


Reducing problems with unreliable customers

BookGame allows for payment for booking online. Paying for the game in advance is a great motivator to come into  the venue at the scheduled time. Therefore, cancellations are less frequent and the Centre does not lose billiards revenue.
The system also provides the opportunity to identify new, returning and unreliable customers - this makes it easier to deal with them.

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BookGame is a solution suitable for a professional billiards club.

The transparent and multifunctional system makes life easier for our team and customers. We can also see the translation of its use into billiards tables revenue. Implementing this application was a good decision.

Grzegorz Kędzierski, President of the Kielce Billiard Centre

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