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8 Bowling lanes,17 billiard tables, 400 seats +37% increase in the number of visitors!

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The pandemic has significantly changed society's approach to the internet and the extent to which they used it. 

It has become standard to do most things without leaving home, most preferably online.


In order to meet guests' expectations and to organise its own work, club garage has implemented an online booking option.What benefits has this solution brought? And did it actually benefit the club and its guests? This is the story of club garage success.


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Club garage in katowice

It is a modern complex that includes a music club, billiards and bowlingalley. When designing the interior, attention was paid not only to the rich access to attractions, but also to the climate and comfort of visitors. There are about 400 seats at guests' disposal, an interesting and tasty menu has been created, as well as many other attractions. Guests can use the conference room, 8-lane bowling alley, 15 professional pool tables and 2 snooker tables.

Managing a facility this large is quite a challenge. We were looking for a system to help optimise our work. The collaboration with bookgame proved to be a hit! It has been designed with both pool and bowling club visitors and owners, managers and employees in mind. This solution has visibly increased the comfort of guests and the club's profits - says the club's manager..

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Streamlining the booking process


A large number of attractions translates into a lot of guest interest. The paper-based version of the booking system that was previously maintained was not only cluttered, but above all required a considerable amount of time to be spent on it. The introduction of the bookgame online booking system turned out to be a real godsend, which not only improved the work of the club, but also made the booking process much easier for our guests. Our aim was to implement a simple but functional solution. We are confident that with bookgame we have achieved this - adds the club manager.

The ease of use of the booking panel and fewer phone calls answered has increased the productivity of our staff on the bar by 70%. They can devote their time entirely to their guests so as to provide the best possible entertainment. The ability to book online has also had a visible impact on increasing the club's turnover. The number of guests in the club increased by as much as 37%. As a result, the premises achieve even better financial results.



More sales and fewer cancellations

The bookgame booking system shows the current price a guest will pay for the rental of a lane or pool table. In addition, customers can make a quick online payment or pay by cash/card upon arrival at the club. Most people choose the former option as it is much more convenient. Having already paid for the booking, guests are reluctant to cancel it, and during the visit they are willing to purchase additional snacks, drinks or another game. This has resulted in a 24% increase in sales at the bar and an 84% reduction in cancellations - the club's manager explains.

Event organisation

Before the introduction of the booking system online it was possible to organise, in advance, only larger events - corporate events, birthday parties or other large social gatherings. Other people could easily visit the club, but they never had a guarantee that they would be able to use the free pool table or bowling alley. As a result, they often left the club quickly.
The situation today is completely different. By booking a visit to the club, the guest is assured that a seat will be waiting for them. Nor do they have to waste time in the queue to pay. The biggest gain we have made is predictability -says the club's manager.
The ease and speed of the booking process in the bookgame system has made the garage club more popular and more frequented by customers.

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Bookgame is the best solution on the market!

The system has a well-developed management panel. It gives us an excellent overview of our work.

Dariusz Kubacki, Event Manager Club Garage

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