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Bowler bowling alley - convenience for customers, better control over bookings

Bowler - BookGame


Bowler is a bowling alley in Nowogard - one of the most popular places in the area. 

Customers are attracted here by:


  • four professional bowling lanes,
  • two 9 FT billiard tables,
  • a space to play darts.
The club also offers tasty food, a wide selection of spirits and, above all, a friendly atmosphere. This is why it is very popular, especially in the evenings and at weekends. The high guest turnout meant that the venue needed a comprehensive booking system. For this reason, Bowler decided to implement the BookGame app.



The bar space

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Cue bills

Bowling Bowler launch challenges - how was BookGame supposed to help?

The growing popularity of the Bowler has made it increasingly difficult to manage the booking of pool tables, bowling lanes and tables by traditional methods. The following have become key challenges:


  • the conscious management of the club - so that resources are aligned to the anticipated occupancy;
  • the way bookings were taken - their recording by bowling alley staff was inefficient and cumbersome, including for customers;
  • problems with unreliable customers - their unfulfilled bookings meant that planned revenue was lost;
  • accounting for the charge for bowling shoes - it was difficult to add this to the cost of the booking.


The BookGame system has helped to address all these issues.


BookGame = full control over bookings and higher profits

In collaboration with the Bowler's management, we adapted the BookGame system to the venue's needs.

Our objectives were to:


  • create a transparent booking system - accessible to customers as well as to staff and management;
  • make it easier for the Bowler's team to identify customers (including unreliable ones) - and, as a result, reduce problems with unfulfilled bookings;
  • provide transparent access to current booking information.
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What did we do?


The BookGame booking system has covered a wide range of bowling services at Bowler. Using it, customers can book:


  1. a bowling game,
  2. a billiard table,
  3. a table for more people (8-15).


The system  allows them to choose the start time of their booking, as well as the number of lanes or tables they need. In addition, when booking bowling, they immediately see the charge added for their playing shoes.


The app benefits both Bowler's guests and:

  • staff, who save time taking bookings and can concentrate on other duties;
  • management, who have the opportunity to optimise the club's resources in line with anticipated occupancy.



BookGame at the Bowler - making the venue work even better

The managers of the Novogard bowling alley confirm: BookGame has proven itself at the premises, and the implementation of this app has translated into tangible benefits.


Easy identification of customers - new, returning and unreliable

The system gives Bowler's team and management an overview of customer statistics and allows them to manage their bookings. It also provides the opportunity to deal appropriately with unreliable guests - those who, for example, have booked a table or lane to play but have not turned up.


Easier control of occupancy in the club

The data from the BookGame system allows management to check the current occupancy rate and forecast the number of guests in the future. This translates into better management of the club's resources and, ultimately, into cost optimisation.

The convenience of booking attractions for customers

Customers of the club, both regular and new, can conveniently book key Bowler services online. The need to make a phone call to the staff or visit the venue in person has been replaced by a few clicks. Once a booking is made, they receive a confirmation message.


Simple billing for bowling shoes

The system automatically adds the amount for the rental of bowling shoes to the booking fee. In this way, the customers know immediately how much they will pay and for what, and the staff avoid explaining the additional expense.


Increase in profits

The system automatically adds the amount for the rental of bowling shoes to the booking fee. In this way, the customers know immediately how much they will pay and for what, and the staff avoid explaining the additional expense.

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BookGame was a hit!

Thanks to the app, our customers have easier access to our services, and we can control and forecast occupancy more effectively. As a result, we have optimised costs and are achieving higher sales of our flagship services. We recommend it!

Rafał Szproch, Owner Bowler

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