Snooker table: how much does it weigh, how much does it cost, and what are its dimensions?

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Snooker table: how much does it weigh, how much does it cost and what are its dimensions?


snooker table is an indispensable piece of equipment for any billiard club or home entertainment room. This is because the game of snooker requires a special table that meets the game’s specific requirements and standards. So it is worth learning a little more about the snooker table, its dimensions, weight and price.


Snooker table size

The dimensions of a snooker table are distinctively larger than those of a pool table. World Snooker federation has set clear guidelines for the size of a snooker table, and by searching "snooker table dimensions" on any internet browser, the answer is unequivocal: the table must be 12 feet in length (approximately 3.66 meters) and 6 feet in width (approximately 1.83 meters). The table consists of three parts: two bases and a billiard board. Each base measures 96 cm long and 80 cm wide. The billiard board, which is located between the bases, measures 356.88 cm in length and 177.8 cm in width. 


Snooker table dimensions, other parameters

In addition to its size, the height of a snooker table is another crucial factor that can impact the game. It is imperative that the height of the table is appropriately adjusted to suit the height of the players to ensure they can play comfortably and avoid any potential injuries. While the standard height of a snooker table is 85 cm, it can be adjusted based on the individual needs of players, especially professionals who require precise adjustments to suit their preferences. At the ends of the table, there are pockets that are smaller in size than those found on pool tables, measuring approximately 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm.


How much does a snooker table weigh?


While the snooker table dimensions are a critical aspect, its weight is also a significant consideration that depends on the size and material used in its construction. Typically, the weight of a snooker table is around 400-500 kg, but some models may weigh over 800 kg, depending on the materials utilized. Wood is the most common material used for snooker tables due to its durability and strength, but synthetic materials are often employed to reduce the table's weight.



How much does a snooker table cost?

The price of a snooker table depends on its quality, the materials from which it is made, as well as the manufacturer. The cheapest snooker tables cost several thousand pounds, while the highest quality models, made of the best materials and with attention to every detail, can cost even more than £20,000. Although there is a significant price difference, it's important to note that the cost is primarily influenced by the level of workmanship, the brand, and the type of table. Riley is the most reputable and recognized brand for snooker tables, with various types including tournament tables, home-use tables, and conversion tables that can be easily converted between different disciplines.


The snooker table cloth is a vital element of the game, and its quality greatly affects the gameplay. Usually made of cotton or a cotton/nylon blend, the best snooker table cloth is made of 100% cotton to ensure ideal speed, precision, and a smooth playing surface. While a cotton and nylon blend can be a cost-effective choice, it may not offer the same level of playing experience as a pure cotton cloth. The thickness of snooker table cloth can vary depending on the manufacturer and quality, ranging from 18 to 32 ounces per square meter.  Proper maintenance and regular replacement of the cloth covering is vital to ensure optimal game quality. It is crucial to choose a durable and abrasion-resistant cloth to prevent wear and tear over time. Therefore, replacing the snooker table cloth is an essential task and the cost can vary, depending on the quality of the cloth and the contractor hired to perform the replacement.



Snooker table. Summary


snooker table is not only a functional piece of equipment but also a stunning decorative element that adds beauty to any spacious room. There are numerous stylish and elegant models available that make the perfect complement to the decor of a living room, billiard club, or any other recreational space.


Knowing the weight of a snooker table is important, but given the dimensions of a snooker table, equally important is understanding the dimensions of the room where it will be placed. The space must be appropriately sized with a ceiling height that accommodates the table's dimensions.


snooker table is a demanding and expensive piece of equipment, but a great investment for anyone who appreciates high quality and great fun.  A snooker table is not only a part of the game, but also a beautiful piece of interior design that will please the eye for  years to come. Thus, it is critical to consider your needs and budget carefully and seek guidance from professionals to select the best model that suits your individual needs.

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